Annual Pictorial II

Eyemazing Susan's Annual Pictorial Vol.II

Despair and love. With Sex, Rituals, Spiritualism and Romanticism we explore our attempts to give meaning to our lives. The selected images present fantasies and imaginings more real than our waking reality. Driven by a hunger to plumb the depths of human emotion, this 304-page volume transports the viewer on a visual odyssey through images of sadness, dark joy and profound melancholy…The painterly darkness of Manhood/Womanhood.

Featured artists:
Arslan Ahmedov, Alyson Belcher, Marina Black, Karine Burckel, Katia Chausheva, Mathias Christensen, Kir Esadov, Paula Rae Gibson, Robert Hamblin, Aegea Hsieh, Robert Hutinski, Iva Jauss, Valerie kabis, Mi-Hyun Kim, So¬e Amalie Klougart, Beat Kuert, Helen Lyon, Safaa Mazirh, David John Newman, Lena Oganesyan, Betina La Plante, Gerasimos Platanas, Evgeniy Platonov, Yell Saccani, Jean-François Spricigo, Robert Stivers, Jaya Suberg, Frank Vic, Vladimir Zidlicky.
(© cover picture by Iva Jauss)

Published by EYEMAZING Editions, 2015
ISBN 978-90-822754-1-4
23.50 x 17.50 cm
PLC, 304pp, 233 Illustrations

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