EYEMAZING Magazines by Eyemazing Susan
...over a decade of heritage in printed magazines!
ISSN 1572-3119
34.00 x 24.50 cm
PLC, 196pp
175 Illustrations


A unique moving gallery dedicated to international contemporary photography A 196-pages, high quality, large-format quarterly publication, and Winner of the prestigious international Lucie Award for Best photography magazine. EYEMAZING high production values and unique approach make the publication more than simply a magazine: it is a Gallery-on-paper, and a highly collectible cutting-edge photography bookazine.

EYEMAZING Awards&Nominations

2008, EYEMAZING winner of: The prestigious Lucie Award for best photography magazine.
2010, EYEMAZING winner of: The International Sappi Awards for best printed magazine.
2011, EYEMAZING nominated for: Lucie Award, best magazine of the year

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